Friday, July 26, 2013

A Crafter's Mecca: Awesome Find

I went thrifting today, with no intent to do such. I find that often times, the "accidental" trips tend to be the most giving. Today was no exception. There will be a separate post of a few of the clothing items that I found at a later today, but I couldn't wait to talk about my box of mystery that I purchased today!

At first glance this box is suspect. There's a potentially used tourniquet (that I refuse to touch.. I'll get to that) but overall, it doesn't look like much. The price tag of 2.99 made me stop simply to see if the old sewing box was worth keeping. It doesn't have a closure and it's pretty broken up on the inside. I actually have a smaller of this same style that was my grandmother's. Overall it's in poor condition, but something made me keep looking. That's when I found mini Christmas:

Score! I doubled checked with the employee at the counter that all the items inside were included in the price, and I got a shrug with a "sure". Good enough for me! So for the price of one pack of bias tape.. I got multiple packs, multiple zippers, vintage closures and lace. There's a bunch of things down in there that I need to sort though. I think I'll clean it all out and clean up the box and see if it's worthwhile to keep in my dining room for holding thread (my crafting room is the garage, and this 98 90 perecent humidity just isn't working for that.) or if I should chunk it. At the very least, the box part should be good for temporary storage of things that need a place to live.

So, that's my find! I was killing time while I waited to meet a friend (ironically, to drop off an upcycle project that I did for her) and ended up loading up with all sorts of goodies!

If you're a crafter, what's the coolest thing you've scored at a second hand shop?


  1. Awesome I love when I find goodies inside of goodies. The goodwill I go to tends to have alot of vintage sewing supplies, also the Hospice Thrift has a ton of vintage sewing.

    1. That's great! I don't find a lot of crafting things in my area, it's just not one of the better categories to thrift-- so when I do find it, especially in massive amounts-- it's awesome! Every store seems to have something great they are good for. My goodwill is where I always find clothes, my local charity shop is great for odds and ends. I scored 2 huge trash bags of multiple yards of fabric a few months ago just because someone wanted to get rid of it.. it was like having the best Christmas ever!