Sunday, April 6, 2014

Weekend Roundup: Thrifted Work Outfits and a new series announcement!

As a plus size woman from a small, rural area, buying trendy clothing locally is tough. It's a hard world out there for us bigger gals anyway, and when you throw in the fact that I can't just hand money over like candy (I'm looking at you, plus size retailers who think $60 for a t-shirt is acceptable) it's even harder.

This is a fashion round-up of sorts. All of the photos are taken from my instagram (@artseediva) where I post most all of my daily outfits. I'm thinking of doing a Fashion Friday weekly round-up around here, so that's in the works and coming soon. Without further rambling, let's get into the outfits.

(L-R) Black lace top was from Cato's (clearance $7.99), Skirt is a vintage skirt from Goodwill ($1.99), Belt came with a dress back in the day so I honestly don't know. Next is one of my FAVORITE dresses. The blue cardigan is Old Navy but I got it at Goodwill ($1.99) and the dress is ALSO from Goodwill but it is a Motherhood Maternity dress (and I'm DEFINITELY only pregnant with a food baby) and it was ($3.99). Lastly for the top is a gray Cato's blazer that I purchased from Goodwill ($2.99) and the tank top came from Maurices a few years ago on a clearance sale ($9.99). The pants are from Torrid a few years ago, and I don't know how much they were. Sorry guys.
(L-R) I ended up loving this first outfit more than expected. The pants came from Clothes Mentor ($10) while the tank is Maurices ($6) and the black blazer is from Goodwill ($1.99). The next outfit is more casual, as it was worn on a casual day (the first was too since the pants are technically denim). The jeans are from Goodwill (not sure of the brand, but they were only $2.99) and the tank is another Motherhood Maternity top that I found at Goodwill ($.99). The blazer is Cato brand but as you already know, it came from Goodwill as well ($2.99). The shoes are an added bonus, as I found them at Goodwill BRAND new for $1.99. The last outfit pictured is another easy favorite of mine. It's entirely thrifted if you take away the belt. The best part was that every item was on sale at Goodwill, so the total outfit came to $6.00! The tank is Ann Taylor Loft and the cardigan is Maurice's. The skirt is vintage and didn't feature a tag.

I really enjoy sharing my outfits, and I look forward to Fashion Friday Round-Up, and I hope you guys are too. Along with this, I am planning a post about plus size thrifting and how to get the most out of your trip.

Are there any tips or things that YOU would like to see here?
What's your favorite thrifted clothing find? Let me know in the comments below!

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