Monday, July 13, 2015

A Night Out On The Town - Plus Size Goodwill Style

I've recently relocated to Las Vegas, entertainment and glamour capitol of the world. I spend my days working and never really take advantage of what the city has to offer short of free parking on the strip and a Walgreen's on every corner. Late last year, while on a thrifting adventure, I came upon a dress I fell in love with. It was comfortable, fun... and way too short for my small town I was living in. I've held onto this dress, waiting for the perfect opportunity. That opportunity finally came in the form of free Boyz II Men tickets via a co-worker! It was a last minute night out, but thankfully, ole faithful was still hanging in my closet-- waiting for me.

This dress was $2.00 from Goodwill! - It originally hailed from Maurice's. I paired this with patent leather toe black flats. At the time of the photo I was still trying to make these killer heels happen... but I know gravity all too well, so I passed on those in favor of shoes I wouldn't meet my maker walking to the venue in.
The Boyz were AMAZING by the way. Do recommend.